You Don't Have to Fight Anxiety Alone

Anxiety sucks!
I am not here to make it less awful. I am here to tell you that you are not alone and offer you a few tips to help you overcome it.
In these 6 audios you are about to receive, you will find 6 actionable tips that work. Tips that you can start applying immediately.  They will help you fight anxiety (I estimate, based on my experience that they can help you lessen your anxiety by %50).

Here's A Quick Overview of What You Will Get. You will receive 6 audio files (mp3) that discuss thee ideas:

Woman cooking lunch
Vagus Nerve and Breathing
You will learn how self-soothing and stimulating the vagus nerve can help you feel better
Mother with son baking
The Importance of Having a Routine
You will learn the often-forgotten art of setting a routine and sticking to it
Couple making dinner
What You Avoid Becomes More Anxiety-inducing
What can rats teach you about anxiety and the catastrophic act of avoiding what makes you anxious?
Woman cooking lunch
Meta-feelings: When you are anxious about being anxious
As humans, we have the gift (and the curse) of having feelings about feelings
Mother with son baking
Perfectionism as a mindset
You will learn about perfectionism and how it is associated with feelings of shame
Couple making dinner
On Anxiety Being a General Feeling of Vulnerability Towards Life's Chaos
What if self-soothing and self-care technique can't make your anxiety go away? What if it was about something deeper?

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