My name is Mosab Alkhteb.

I built in this site to write articles which will make your eye contact in the mirror easier and your interactions with people securer.

That’s just a fancy way of saying, “articles which explore the dark sides of your insecurities and shit and make you able to handle that part of you in a securer way.”

And I also believe that the traditional advice about self-esteem sucks. You can’t look in the mirror and be proud of the person you see if you can’t even hold eye contact with that person for more than 2 seconds!

Because of all that, I built WorthyInside, a site which will make you come to terms with your own shit (after getting rid of the unnecessary shit).

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About Mosab Alkhteb

Mosab Alkhteb is a writer. He is the founder of SelfChanging, a self-development blog that had helped hundreds of people before it went down at 2017, and the founder of WorthyInside where he currently writes about self-esteem and how to really build it.

Mosab loves reading and growing and improving as well as helping other people and seeing them overcome their own problems and improve and grow.

Mosab has been featured on many popular self-development sites such as Tiny Buddha and Pick The Brain, as well as being featured on many popular Medium publications and on the front page of Reddit a couple of times.

Now, he is a full time teacher, full time psychology-and-development- nerd, and a part time blogger and writer.

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