How to Handle an Asshole (as if You Were One!)

Imagine this . . .

You are out with your friends. You are having a great time.

Suddenly, one of your ‘friends’ makes a sarcastic comment about you. That is, he makes fun of you and makes the entire group laughs. At you!

Suddenly, you are feeling so insecure and resentful. You stay silent or fake a nervous smile. It hurts. But you don’t say anything. You can’t or don’t want to, it doesn’t matter.

Then when you go home, you set there thinking about all the things you could have said and could have done. All the ways it sucks to let someone walk over you. And that kills whatever self-esteem that is left.

Or how about this . . .

You are in a great mood. Everything is beautiful. You are smiling and waving at cats and doves at the park for no reason other than you being ecstatic (and a little maniac!).

Then somehow, you meet this person. This person is charming. This person comes across as someone who has it all together.

Few minutes of his charisma and you are feeling bad. You are feeling bad about yourself. Your life. Your good day. Everything sucks, including, and especially, you.

It had something to do with something that this person said or did. You can’t put your hand on it because their charisma is distracting. But you know, deep in your heart, that there was something toxic in that interaction.

OK, one last time . . .

There is this someone who knows that he can push you around. He can do it and get away with it. He knows you won’t do anything even if you wished.

He knows he can mock you, undervalue you, disrespect you, and even mistreat you. He knows that when it comes to charisma and social abilities, he wins and you suck.

So, he does just that. He makes you lose your self-esteem and suffer silently. He derives his sense of worth from your suffering. You know he is toxic, but it is usually you who is portrayed as toxic and timid and meek. And you hate it.

(If that is not you and it is a bit of an extreme example, you probably know someone who is in this miserable situation. Don’t stay silent. Speak up and/or teach them how to speak up for themselves.)

Does It Hurt To Imagine (Or Remember!) These Situations?

Never again!

This book is here to show you how things can be different; to show you how to become too charismatic to be bullied and too charismatic to be resisted.

And the best part?

You are going to make them drink from the same bitter cup; you are going to make them know that you know about their evil techniques and toxic mentalities.

It’s not because you hate them or are a bad person; it’s just to protect yourself.

A Glimpse of What You Are Going to Learn

  • Stop being a target for bullies and jerks: you will get the chance to grow and become a different person: a person who demands respect.
  • Stop going through the scenarios in your head of things you could have said or done: and actually say and do the very things that will make bullies stop and think twice before attacking you again.
  • Stop being bullied for being too quite/ for being too nice/ for being yourself: you don’t have to change who you are and fit a specific social persona to stop being bullied and pissed off by mean people. You can still be who you are and demand respect.
  • Understand the types of bullies and why they do it: after we analyze the behaviors of bullies and jerks (toxic people), you will have a deeper understanding of the inner world of those people, which will help you spot them and understand human’s interactions better.
  • Weed out the bullies and keep only the good people: Aren’t you sick of toxic, manipulative people? And wish you would spend your time with sane, emotionally healthy people? Well, this course is not only to weed out the wrong people, but also to find the right ones. It is good to know what to avoid.
  • Dominate social interactions: because you are going to have better understanding of what guides those interactions. And I am speaking about the interactions with the toxic people as well as the sane ones.
  • Become respected socially: this has a lot of benefits. Not only will it scare away bullies, but also it will make you able to choose who you want to spend time with instead of being forced to be with certain people.
  • Defusing bullying techniques: I am not fond of tactics, but we do have some tactics in this course that can immediately make you more assertive. In fact, they are only 2 techniques but, once mastered, they are very effective.
  • Get over you guilt when it comes to saying, ‘no’ and asserting your boundaries: if you are one of the people who cannot say, ‘no’ then you will suffer a lot because of not being able to reject what you do not like and not being able to assert yourself and needs.
  • Project strength without opening your mouth: without saying a word! And no, it is no only about body language.
  • Have better emotional connections: Emotional connection is probably one of the best things you can experience as a human being. charisma will get you to the door and help you weed out the wrong people. But to have REAL emotional connections, which is probably the most important part of any human relationship (we are emotional creatures, like it or hate it!), you need more than charisma.

Why Should I believe What You Say? It Could be the Same Old Advice Found Else Where!

Here are some of the concepts and ideas that I used:

  • psychological projection;
  • the black-triad theory;
  • attachment theory and the secure, effective communication methods;
  • attachment theory and what marks the insecure behavior;
  • some of Jordan Pterson ideas on assertiveness and how it is a part of the psychotherapy training;
  • the shadow theory;
  • the big 5 theory (mainly: agreeableness vs. disagreeableness);
  • sarcasm and humor as defensive and survival mechanisms; and
  • social intelligence.
  • And more, of course.

My struggles are also included.

I have given all the ideas mentioned above enough time to research and apply. I even put down working on the course one time because I felt the need to actually go and apply what I was about to write and preach. So, nothing mentioned in this course is from my own imagination. Instead, it is from the application of the ideas that smarter people than me have come up with, and then presenting them, the ideas, from my own perspective; the perspective of a person who had been bullied and mugged before.

General Information

  • 60 pages. Short, to the point. No useless pages and no pages added to make it seem long.
  • The price: $5.99 This is a bargain for such amount of information and the price will probably increase.
  • Money back guarantee. Contact me within 2 weeks. We don’t want unhappy readers.

What Readers Are Saying

This book consists of a clear analysis of what makes one an asshole or a charismatic leader. Giving you the insight on why and how assholes get under your skin. Definitely recommend it if you need to take control of your emotional life, instead of being pushed around. Mosab’s experience will truly help you grow more charismatic.

Timon, a social skills coach at

This book is one of the best books I have ever read. It discuses a very sensitive problem that we all face in our daily lives in a direct way or in indirect way cause we deal with people everyday and as this course mentioned not all of those people are good, there are dicks and assholes. So we need to prepare ourselves and learn not to make assholes of ourselves but to defend ourselves. Really, I am surprised by how many assholes in my life after learning how to know them and how to protect myself from them! It was a turning point in my life. And I hope it will become one for you.

Mohammed Kemya

Assholes, bullies, and narcissists are all diseases and this is like a surgery to remove them. Well done, Mosab.


As humans, we meet a lot of assholes in every turn, but most of the time we decide to ignore them or act like we don’t care about every thing they say. But sometimes it hurts us. There are many articles that tell you how to act and deal with them but this book is different in every thing; at first it gives you psychological look about them and how they think and after that how to handle them in a simple way; it mixes between human development and psychology in funny way.