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How to Stop Being Needy and Desperate

I’m not a big fan of watching movies.

It’s not that I hate them. I just watch movies less than the average individual for reasons that are still unknown.

Recently, I have sat down to watch Spider-man Homecoming. It was just for entertainment. I was not expecting to find something deep in it.

But it turned out that I was wrong. Inside the movie lies one of the secrets of self-respect and the antidote to neediness.

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How Do You Feel About Your Flaws and Insecurities?

Should you love your flaws and accept them?

Or should you work hard on changing them?

First of all, what I mean by the word flaws is the following:

“What you don’t like about yourself. Your shortcomings and insecurities and issues. Whether it’s about your personality, your living conditions, or even your physical looks.”

Those flaws can be real or imaginary.

In either case, they will threaten your self-esteem unless you deal with them in a healthy way. So many people want to become better but they are paralyzed by the fact that there will always be flaws.

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How to Change Your Life Using a Wand

Whenever someone asks the question, “how to change your life?”, they get a list of tips and tools to apply.

That’s not always helpful.

Let’s do something different in this article to answer this question in a better, and a simpler, way.

Let’s pretend for a while that self-improvement is like magic.

And to use this ‘magic’, we need a wand.

A wand that you can wave and watch the magic happen before your eyes. A wand that changes everything, from your self-confidence to the actual results you yearn to see in your life.

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The Law of Sacrifice

After World War II, Japan was utterly destroyed.

You don’t get hit by 2 nuclear bombs and stay optimistic and strong after that. Military, economically, emotionally, and psychologically, they were suffering.

In 1955, a young woman called Rosa Park made a very bold move. She was told to give up her seat to a white passenger. She was black and white people could make a black person stand up or go to the back of the bus to take their seat. But she said no boldly and courageously.

Those are seemingly two irrelevant events.

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Stop Trying to Control Everything

“Stop trying to control everything and let the chips fall where they may”

We, humans, are smart, to some extent.

But we’re weird. Like, really weird.

We often try to be something that we’re not13No, I don’t mean faking who we are, I mean we expect from ourselves to have powers that no animal has (or will ever have)..

For instance, fortune telling is impossible. We all know that.