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Those books and course will take the information you find here to the next level. If the free articles resonate with you, then you will love the content here.

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Becoming Toxic People’s Worst Nightmare: Learn How to Set Boundaries and Stop Anyone from Mistreating You

This a short, to the point book that will help you understand how to handle difficult and toxic people. It will help you with standing up for yourself, understanding bullies and stopping them, and generally creating a social life and relationships that you enjoy.

If you have ever suffered through being bullied or exploited by people whose behavior is harmful, then you will get a kick out of this. I discuss many ideas and techniques and concepts and archetypes that can help you become a person who is not fazed by that anymore.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Self-esteem Quick Guide: 11 Simple Ideas to Help You Overcome Low Self-esteem, Build Confidence Despite Being Flawed, and Stop Self-hatred

If you struggle with self-esteem, you know what it is like to feel you are not good enough, inadequate, worthless, and even unlovable. And you know the struggles this low self-esteem creates in your social life, anything from awkward to uncomfortable interactions.

You will learn the basics of what self-esteem is, how healthy it should be, how the healthy and the unhealthy self-esteem look like, and why did you end up where you are now. (Note: the book answers a counterintuitive question: should you have high self-esteem in the first place? Hint: not always).

You will learn about the idea of not being enough and how to manage it, challenge it, and destroy it. For instance:

  • On not being enough.
  • Do you need a reason to appreciate yourself?
  • I don’t feel I deserve happiness and joy.

Last but not least, the book contains a part that discusses social interactions and self-esteem. Some social interactions can affect our self-esteem badly. The book will teach you:

  • How to stop being needy and desperate;
  • how to be confident despite how people treat you;
  • what to do if you get defensive when people judge you; and
  • what to do when you lose your self-confidence.

This is not a workbook, but it contains a few exercises (the 22 days challenge) that you can practice and some techniques that you can apply right away. And it’s written in language that appeals to the average individual who struggles with self-esteem. It’s written for you. Not for professionals nor in an academic way; it’s an easy read.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Art of Change: 4 Steps to Create a New YOU and Overcome the Past Negative Conditioning

This is my first book ever! And I love it.

I wrote it back in 2016. But I believe it still can help you. Here’s its description:

Just like many people who read self-development, at the beginning I was very amused.

The feeling that I could be better, that I could do better, and that I could be anything was amazing. I was fond of the tactics and the tricks. I was fond of the techniques that hack your mind and trick it, program it, condition it, or whatever the word was, to produce the desired results. I was fond of motivation and thought it was all you need in order to change.

I wanted to change my life, I really did. I followed the tactics and applied the tricks. I succeeded at time, and I failed miserably most of the time.

I thought that just by trying harder, and learning enough tips and tricks, I can fool my brain, and the world, to change my life.Little did I know that I was sailing into frustration and disappointment; little did I know that I was only dabbling on the surface of real improvement and change.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Effective Communication Skills Crash Course: Improve Your Relationships Quality and Social Interactions by Communicating Clearly and Honestly

Do you often get misunderstood?

Or do you find some difficulty expressing yourself and articulating your thoughts and needs?

Do relationships (of any kind) consume you and you find yourself unable to communicate well?

If you do, then you are putting a limit on the quality of your relationships. You are settling for social interactions that aren’t meeting your connection needs. And speaking of needs, you are probably letting go of many of your rights simply because you don’t know how to claim them.

That’s OK. We are only humans and we all sometimes fall into these traps.

But that doesn’t mean we should live this way, especially if living this way is making us sick inside.

You might think that the solution to this is becoming charismatic or outgoing. Or you might think that the solution is to become more confident and work on your self-esteem and so on.

But what if I told you that is not enough?

What if the solution is something totally different?

What if the solution is simply to develop a certain set of skills that allow you to communicate effectively, honestly, and clearly in a way that improves every single relationship you have in your life?

That’s exactly what this short, crash course is here to offer.

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