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It Is Dangerous to Be Safe

Let’s do something fun. But scary at the same time.

Fun because of the possibility of hearing interesting stories. Scary because of how horrifying, and relatable, those interesting stories might be.

Let’s grab the hands of some adults and bring them back to childhood. To their childhood. We want to get them to remember some of their childhood to answer one question.

Let’s get the parents, too. Let’s get the old friends. The new friends. The important people in those adult’s lives. Their closest friends. The person reading this article on the internet right now. Read More

I hate myself

I Hate Myself: A Brief Guide on Self-hatred

Going from “I hate myself” to “I don’t hate myself” is an important journey.

It’s important because it’s mostly about raising your self-esteem and working on self-love.

A lot has been written about self-love and self-acceptance and how to get there. But let’s, in this article, explore the other world of self-hatred so we can understand it better.

I came across an online forum where someone had asked, “How can I raise my self-esteem?”

This person had many questions in mind while asking this question.

He is probably wondering why on earth he ended up having a low self-esteem. He is wondering how he can have a high self-esteem. And maybe, just maybe, he has a little voice in his head wondering if he actually can have a high self-esteem after all the bad things he knows about himself. Read More

I hate my family!

I Hate My Family: How to Survive with This Hatred

“I hate my family,” mumbled the girl sadly while caving in inside of her sheets and covering her tears-filled cheeks with the already wet blanket.

“I hate them,” stated the boy while looking, with watery eyes, in the mirror and trying to look strong. “I just hate them,” he uttered before bursting into tears.

Those are not imaginary situations; they have happened to many of us.

Not necessarily the same scenes of caving in inside of our sheets or bursting into tears in front of a bathroom mirror. Just the heavy feelings of resentment and hatred we have for the people who are supposed to be the closest ones to us. Read More

I hate my life

I Hate My Life: 15 Ways To Make It More Miserable

One of my friends one day cried, “I hate my life.”

After a lot of reflection, and a lot of deep thinking, and +2000 words later, I came up with an article that, theoretically, had dealt with the problem. (No, it’s not this article.)

That article was based on the concept of the values. I can sum it up by saying: when you hate your life, it means that your values are out of order. And your values, simply put, are the most important things to you.
(If you are interested in that article, it no longer exists but you can download it here as PDF. That is a direct download link.)

But then I thought, “Why not show people how the values can be out of order with real-life examples? Why not show people what types of behaviors can cause values to be in a mess and thus cause the hatred towards life?” Read More

How To Get Yourself Back After A Shame Storm

Shame storms are shitty.

There is a creepy feeling of unworthiness that attacks you when you screw up or do something wrong.

You start looking down at yourself. You feel as if you have betrayed yourself. You feel that you don’t deserve any of the things you want.

This feeling can be intense enough to be believed. Its message is, “You are bad and you are hopeless. Nobody ever is going to think you are good. You can’t be good after all this.” Read More

This Is How You Build Self-respect And Stop Being Needy

I’m not a big fan of watching movies.

It’s not that I hate them. I just watch movies less than the average individual for reasons that are still unknown.

Recently, I have sat down to watch Spider-man Homecoming. It was just for entertainment. I was not expecting to find something deep in it.

But it turned out that I was wrong. Inside the movie lies one of the secrets of self-respect and the antidote to neediness. Read More

3 Insecure Behaviors Most People Think Are Good

1. Not Asking For Help

When it comes to self-development, there is a lot to be said about the “lone wolf” mentality. Or the “being independent” attitude.

But it all comes down to this: you are strong and you can do it on your own. You don’t need anybody’s help (even, or especially, those who care about you). In fact, needing someone’s help means that you are weak.

And that is garbage. This is a claim that I can support, in fact. Read More

I feel nothing

I Feel Nothing: How to Beat Emotional Numbness

Have you ever looked into the mirror, saw a strange face, and whispered to yourself, “I feel nothing”?

It was like you weren’t happy or sad. You weren’t depressed or excited, and sure you weren’t miserable or satisfied. You just felt nothing.

You look at all the people who complain about their emotions and how miserable they are. And you wonder what’s wrong with those people.

And you look at those who describe their emotions as euphoric feelings and you have no clue how that feels like. Read More

How to NOT Solve Your Emotional Problems

Let’s first state the fact that all of us have our own emotional problems. That is, all of us are little crazy to some extent.

None of us is an exception.

Some suffer more than others. Some manage to cope with their problems in a good way.

The goal is not to totally eliminate our emotional problems; the goal is to handle them in a healthier way.

That said, I’ve seen that there are unhealthy patterns which will make you crazier and more neurotic. Patterns that are unhealthy for your emotional health. Read More