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How Do You Feel About Your Flaws and Insecurities?

Should you love your flaws and accept them?

Or should you work hard on changing them?

First of all, what I mean by the word flaws is the following:

“What you don’t like about yourself. Your shortcomings and insecurities and issues. Whether it’s about your personality, your living conditions, or even your physical looks.”

Those flaws can be real or imaginary.

In either case, they will threaten your self-esteem unless you deal with them in a healthy way. So many people want to become better but they are paralyzed by the fact that there will always be flaws.Read More »How Do You Feel About Your Flaws and Insecurities?

How to Change Your Life Using a Wand

Whenever someone asks the question, “how to change your life?”, they get a list of tips and tools to apply.

That’s not always helpful.

Let’s do something different in this article to answer this question in a better, and a simpler, way.

Let’s pretend for a while that self-improvement is like magic.

And to use this ‘magic’, we need a wand.

A wand that you can wave and watch the magic happen before your eyes. A wand that changes everything, from your self-confidence to the actual results you yearn to see in your life.Read More »How to Change Your Life Using a Wand

Stop Trying to Control Everything

“Stop trying to control everything and let the chips fall where they may”

We, humans, are smart, to some extent.

But we’re weird. Like, really weird.

We often try to be something that we’re not1No, I don’t mean faking who we are, I mean we expect from ourselves to have powers that no animal has (or will ever have)..

For instance, fortune telling is impossible. We all know that.Read More »Stop Trying to Control Everything

It Is Dangerous to Be Safe

Let’s do something fun. But scary at the same time.

Fun because of the possibility of hearing interesting stories. Scary because of how horrifying, and relatable, those interesting stories might be.

Let’s grab the hands of some adults and bring them back to childhood. To their childhood. We want to get them to remember some of their childhood to answer one question.

Let’s get the parents, too. Let’s get the old friends. The new friends. The important people in those adult’s lives. Their closest friends. The person reading this article on the internet right now.Read More »It Is Dangerous to Be Safe

'I hate my family'!' said the sad child.

I Hate My Family: How to Survive with This Hatred

Before You Read This Article

This is not the type of article in which I will tell you, “Fuck your family!! They are a bunch of crazy fucking people!!!”

And, equally, this is not the type of article where I will tell you to “just forgive them” and be their slave and pet.

I understand that, as Tolstoy pointed out, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Your hatred towards your family can be different than the person next to you.

Therefore, don’t expect to find one solution for all the family problems.Read More »I Hate My Family: How to Survive with This Hatred

3 Insecure Behaviors Most People Think Are Good

1. Not Asking For Help

When it comes to self-development, there is a lot to be said about the “lone wolf” mentality. Or the “being independent” attitude.

But it all comes down to this: you are strong and you can do it on your own. You don’t need anybody’s help (even, or especially, those who care about you). In fact, needing someone’s help means that you are weak.

And that is garbage. This is a claim that I can support, in fact.Read More »3 Insecure Behaviors Most People Think Are Good

I feel nothing

I Feel Nothing: How to Beat Emotional Numbness

Have you ever looked into the mirror, saw a strange face, and whispered to yourself, “I feel nothing”?

It was like you weren’t happy or sad.

You weren’t depressed or excited, and sure you weren’t miserable or satisfied.

You just felt nothing.

You look at all the people who complain about their emotions and how miserable they are.

And you wonder what’s wrong with those people!

And you look at those who describe their emotions as euphoric feelings and you have no clue how that feels like.

Read More »I Feel Nothing: How to Beat Emotional Numbness