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In a nutshell, this site will teach you how to have a healthy self-image.

For those who suffer from a poor self-image, low self-esteem, and even low confidence levels, you’re in the right place.

With a poor self-image, everything in your life is going to suffer. All self-esteem related problems and the depression and the stress will follow you everywhere you go.

I believe the first step in becoming a better person and developing yourself is working on your self-image. And we’re here diving deep and giving you deep advice, backed by real solid evidence, that will help you not change anything around you, but to change how you look at yourself. And that, my friend, is how you start changing the things you see around you.

Not just about the confidence. Not just about the self esteem. Not just about the appearance.

In simple words, it’s about how you see yourself and who you believe you are (or who you believe you are not).

Your relationships with other humans are 100% affected by the way you see yourself. Your lifestyle tells a great deal about how you see yourself. Your emotional state and how you usually feel tells a great deal about yourself, too. So it makes sense to work on that; on the way you see yourself; on yourself!

But it’s not as simple as deciding to see yourself in a positive light. Many unconscious beliefs, thinking patterns, mental habits, and even behaviors should be taken into consideration. And it’s a process. A long process, sometimes. We simplify that to you and give it to you in a digestible[] manner. The advice is based on psychology and backed by research (and also the personal experiences of me and those I’ve come in touch with).

About Me

My name is Mosab Alkhteb. I’ve been a self-development blogger for the past 2 years. I’ve been writing about general self-development, had my own blog, and also been featured in many popular self-development blogs.

I’ve been writing about self-development in general.

Look, self-development is a board topic and no one can talk about it in general. You need to be specific and you need to be good with one area in self-development.

That’s why I decided to stop talking generally and focus only on one topic, a topic that I really can talk about and add value when I talk about it.

Well, most of my writing were about how to provoke a change from the inside world. You know, changing the mentality and the way you interact with yourself.

And I also had my own share of self-image issues. I kind of know what changing the inside world, and how you look at yourself, can do to your life. It’s an inner game.

So, my approach was always aimed at changing the inside world. Why not use that approach and dig deeper into the self-image issue and work on it this way?

Few questions like this and this site was born. The self-image should be a priority for anyone who wants to better themselves. And in a world that makes money when you suffer with your self-image, it makes sense to keep it as healthy as possible.