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I Hate My Life: 15 Ways To Make It More Miserable

One of my friends one day cried, “I hate my life.”

After a lot of reflection, and a lot of deep thinking, and +2000 words later, I came up with an article that, theoretically, had dealt with the problem. (No, it’s not this article.)

That article was based on the concept of the values.

I can sum it up by saying: when you hate your life, it means that your values are out of order.

And your values, simply put, are the most important things to you.

(If you are interested in that article, it no longer exists but you can download it here as PDF. That is a direct download link.)

But then I thought:

Why not show people how the values can be out of order with real-life examples?

Why not show people what types of behaviors can cause values to be in a mess and thus cause the hatred towards life?”