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What If You Are Not Good Enough?

It is a scary idea. Ugly, even.

And by “it”, I mean the painful, dreadful idea that you are probably not good enough. And I believe that your imagination is, ironically, good enough at finding other adjectives than “good” to fill in. Adjectives like, “smart, tall, pretty, rich …etc.”

But I bet you have thought of it before, pondered on it, and almost believed it one night when you were feeling very vulnerable and weak.

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Stop assuming people don’t like you to solve 90% of your social problems.

This is a guest post by Timon. He writes about social skills and confidence. Check his bio under the article.

You go to the coffee shop, grab your coffee from the counter and are about to take a seat.

What’s that? Hey, that girl is reading Harry Potter. Awesome, you love those books!

Let’s have a chat with her.

Or,.. no,.. she will probably not like that. She is reading, right? She won’t like you anyway.

Never mind. You’ll just take your coffee and go.

Would be cool if you could have talked though, but she won’t like you anyway.

Why doesn’t anybody like you