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19 Tips That Will Rapidly Help You Boost Your Self-confidence

Boost Your Self-confidence
Photo by Fervent Jan on Unsplash

Without any further ado, here’s how to boost your self-confidence:

1.Define what self-confidence means to YOU:

We’re all different. And our differences must be considered when we talk about building self-confidence.

Think about it as a set of rules. Rules that you have to follow in order for you to feel confident.

For someone, self-confidence could mean giving presentations and public speeches.

I Get Defensive When People Judge Me

I was at the gym.

Hesitantly, I tried to perform a shoulder workout that I’ve seen on YouTube.

Because I didn’t have the best physique, and because the exercise was a bit weird, and because I was nervous, I grabbed some people’s attention.

And I was doing it wrong. The form was shitty and the weights were too heavy.

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What is Self-Image: An In-depth Answer

What is Self-image

Sam suffers from a poor self-image.

He believes that no one likes him and no one will ever like him. He believes that he’s ugly.

And on top of it all, he doesn’t believe that one day he can reach his dreams. Like, he doesn’t deserve success.

Sam’s ideal is extreme. He believes that he should be liked by a specific type of people; the people who rejected him when he was young. You know, the cool kids!

He should be fit and athletic. Also, he should look so good that when he passes around, people notice him and drop their jaw in the sight of his gorgeous face.