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3 Good Emotions That Most People Think are Bad

Photo by Roi Dimor on Unsplash

Emotions don’t always have to feel good.

Or more ironically, they don’t have to feel good in order to call them good emotions.

For instance, the next 3 emotions feel terrible. Most people hate them. Say their name and most people will ask you, “how do we get rid of them?”

However, I dare to call them good because they can be used to produce good results in your life.

5 Ways to Destroy Your Self-esteem (And Your Emotional Health)

There are many enemies to your self-esteem and general emotional and mental health.

However, some dangerous enemies go unnoticed. We don’t talk about them enough and let them sabotage our lives.

This list highlights 5 toxic mentalities and behaviors.

These behaviors and mentalities will gradually modify your beliefs about yourself. To the worst!

If you care about your self-esteem and mental health, deal with the below list seriously.

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How to Have a Positive Self-image: The Only Tip You Need

How to have a positive self-imageThere is a lot to be said about how to how to have a positive self-image.

You can find many and many tips and articles.

You can find articles telling you to repeat affirmations. And you can find articles telling you to go out there and do some hard work to earn that healthy self-image.

If you’ve been reading WorthyInside for any length of time, you probably know that I’m against the affirmations and the lazy approach; I prefer doing the hard work.

A healthy self-image will come only through certain behaviors and mentalities.

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Why You Should Never Give Up On Yourself

Never give up on yourself

I’m not here to promise you that all your dreams will come true.

I’m not here to promise you that you’ll be that super confident, super attractive, super rich, super famous, super funny, or super anything.

And I’m not here to guarantee anything. What you want out of life? Who knows if you’ll get it. Who do you want to be? It’s hard to think about it when you’re living the life of who you don’t want to be.

Maybe, in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

How to Be Assertive And Not Get Walked Over

How to Be Assertive

One of the traits that will cost you your self-esteem is the lack of assertiveness.

Without assertiveness, people will step over you and you’ll not get your needs met.

When you get stepped over and not get your needs met, your self-esteem will suffer a great deal.

After all, you’re allowing others to get away with what they should not have got away with. What does that say about your self-esteem?

It will contribute to a low self-esteem and it will even cause a low self-esteem.

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Why Self-compassion Is The Best Thing You Can Ever Do

Self-compassion quick test:

How do you deal with yourself after making a mistake, after failing, after feeling like you’re small, and after screwing up generally?

If you practice self-compassion, you’ll still feel bad but you’ll not give up on yourself. You’ll not feel worthless or useless. And more importantly, you’ll get up and do something about your situation.

That will contribute to the way you see yourself positively.

If you’re not practicing self-compassion, it’ll be totally different.

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Hey, You Are Not Alone

This site contains a lot of informative articles.

I do my best to offer solutions, based on facts, for the poor self-image issue.

However, sometimes we need something personal that gets people to relate instead of only lecturing them.

This is why I wrote this article.

I want to share a thought about the idea of dealing with a poor self-image. An idea that will help you as you fight your way through a negative self-image to a healthy one.

How Clearly Do You Think You See The World?

I have scary news.

We don’t actually see things as they are. We don’t even see. We perceive.

Your eyes, ears, and the rest of the senses receive the information from the outside world and send it to the brain. The brain, then, has to interpret these inputs.

The brain does that based on your already existing beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and even moods. That’s what we call perception.

And our perception usually doesn’t represent reality accurately. That’s because our senses can’t make sense of everything. There will always be a percentage of toxic and biased beliefs.

Should You Even Have a Positive Self-Image?

Look, I get it. You want to have a positive self-image.

You don’t want to have a negative self-image or a poor self-image.

And it makes sense. The strategy is to overcome the negative self-image by creating a positive one.

But, how good is that strategy in real life?

Let me tell you, and argue with you, that it’s not that effective actually.