Why are you here?

If you are here to make your life extraordinary and magical, then I might be irrelevant to you. BUT if you want to do something with your life and youself despite their flaws, then welcome home.

About me

My name is Mosab Alkhteb. I am a writer and an online entrepreneur. I write about stuff that makes your miserable life less miserable. I aspire to be the person that the 12-year-old me was looking for.

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I write only when something I learn changes my life. So, I don’t have a ‘schedule’ or a ‘content calendar’. Check what I have written so far.

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Learn 6 techniques to deal with anxiety and depression. They will make your mood better.

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Becoming Toxic People's Worst Nightmare: Learn How to Set Boundaries and stop anyone from mistreating you

Real cover

Deciding to Be Better: How to get your act together and create a meaningful life

Copy of Copy of esteem

Self-esteem Quick Guide: 11 simple ideas to help you overcome low self-esteem, become more confident ddespite being flawed, and stop self-hatred

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