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My name is Mosab Alkhteb.

I built this site because I believe in change. I believe in development and growth.

And one of the most important changes you can make in your life is: building a solid self-confidence and developing a healthy self-esteem.

It’ll change everything. Everything from your social life, social skills, attractiveness, what you do and what you don’t do.

A lot of things are possible once you start feeling confident in who you are and appreciate yourself.

I believe if you want to change your life and your situations, then you need to start working on your self-esteem and self-confidence and this inner world of conflicts and insecurities.

And I also believe that the traditional advice about self-esteem sucks. You can’t just have a healthy self-esteem by wearing nice clothes or repeating affirmation!

Because of all that, I built a site that helps you change your life by helping you develop a solid self-confidence and have a healthier self-esteem.

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About Mosab Alkhteb

Mosab Alkhteb is a writer. He is the author of The Art of Change, the founder of SelfChanging, a self-development blog that had helped hundreds of people before it went down at 2017, and the founder of WorthyInside where he currently writes about self-esteem and how to really build it.

Mosab loves reading and growing and improving as well as helping other people and seeing them overcome their own problems and improve and grow.

Mosab has been featured on many popular self-development sites such as Tiny Buddha and Pick The Brain, as well as being featured on many popular Medium publications and on the front page of Reddit a couple of times.

Now, he is a full time teacher, full time psychology-and-development- nerd, and a part time blogger and writer.

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