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The Art of Change

This site is about self-image. However, if you are enjoying the content on this site you can check the first book that I’ve written. It’s about general self-help and how you can change what you don’t like about your life. It contains some ideas that can help with self-image. Also, you’ll be supporting this site and the content that you love:

Most of the self-development advice nowadays is superficial. They don’t induce a character change that would make you a better person. They focus only on the surface behaviors that we think are great. We’re not rewarded for being good; we’re rewarded for appearing good.

For instance, self-esteem isn’t built by wearing nice clothes. It’s built when you shift the way you look at yourself.

With years, I’ve come to realize that change is an inner game. So, I screwed the tactics and went for the mentalities and fundamental principles.

This book is here to emphasize this fact and take it even further.

It’s the kind of book that you’ll love because it helps, and you’ll hate, at the same time, because it challenges some of the basics ideas we all have about change, improvement, and development.

Here’s How This Book is Different

No bullshit; no lies. A realistic paint of the development journey. Deep fundamental changes instead of superficial tips. Here’s how:

Advice that’s based on many famous therapies (that have been proven to work), research (though research is always developing, some findings are continuously being proved to be correct), philosophies (helpful and wise ideas adopted from smart and wise people), and hard learned lessons (well, mostly my own failures).

No quick fixes. No easy fixes. Some pages might hurt you, but they’ll definitely help you.

Using the 4 phases change formula, it’ll show you the entire road that’s ahead of you and what to expect so that you can prepare yourself for your journey. Like a map that will show you where you are, where you want to go, and how the road looks like (and, of course, which roads to take, shortcuts non-included!).

Here’s How This Book Will Help You

If you’re frustrated with the superficial advice and the quick fixes and want something that dives deeper, you’ve got it!

Given that you’ll do your homework, this book will help you change whatever aspect you’re not satisfied with in your life. Money Back Guarantee.

  • Mastering your own inner world and how to communicate with yourself honestly and more openly. It’s self-development. So, it’s about you; you must come in contact with yourself more often and more effectively.
  • You’ll learn to use your own emotions to inspire you, scare you, stretch you, push you, pull you, and guide you through the tough road of change, development, and success.
  • Can’t get yourself to take action no matter what? You’ll learn to take action despite how you feel and despite the outcome.
  • Growth tools: how to be patient enough while taking action. How to handle uncertainty, doubt, and fear. How the process of change and growth happens slowly and painfully. How to handle your failures. How to forgive yourself when you screw up.
  • You’ll learn to approach the negative and painful emotions from a different perspective. You don’t have to numb them. And they don’t have to paralyze you anymore.
  • As a side effect, you’ll develop a stronger character. You’re not chasing the highs of the quick fixes everybody is chasing, and thus you’ll grow stronger than you’ve ever imagined.

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“The Art of Change really lays the foundation for self-development. There are loads of books out there that explain to you what should change and why. But none that give the underlying principle of changing who you are as the AoC does.

Mosab’s ideas strengthen the resolve and wisdom for people familiar with self-development. But for people just starting to take change seriously, it shares a great framework to start with. I would recommend it to anyone willing to become the best self they can be.”

-Timon, Founder of

“AoC is a spectacular book. It helped me know what awareness means and why it’s extremely important. I’ve never come across a book that talks about self-awareness this extensively or explains it in simple way.

There are topics in the book that I think are very important but they’re either not mentioned at all by other writers or covered poorly. Mosab has done a great job by shedding a light on those topics and explaining them in a very simple way that’s so easy to understand. The cave metaphor, the sacrifice principle, and the part about facing yourself, to mention but a few.

I recommend this book to those who are just starting their journey toward change and self-development. And also I recommend it to those who are like me, in the middle of their journey and need something fresh to keep them going. I think there’s something missing in the self-development books and Mosab figured it out and put in our hands.”


“In simple words, AoC helped me look at my life in a different way. It helped me know what I’m doing wrong and at the same time it gave me the emotional drive (there’s an entire chapter about this) to start doing something about my situation for the first time.

One of the realizations that I got while reading it was the fact that I’m not living my life. It’s not mine and I’m basically living someone else’s life. It gave me the courage to step up and think about what I want to do with my life. So yeah, it showed me what I’m doing wrong with my life and it gave me the emotional drive or courage to change that and go out and live life the way I want to live it.

I thank Mosab for putting this together in such a beautiful and simple way.”

-M. Moatsim

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Extra Information

  • Money Back Guarantee in case you’re not satisfied. No questions asked.
  • Number of pages: 122 Pages.
  • Available Formats: PDF.