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Hey, You Are Not Alone

This site contains a lot of informative articles.

I do my best to offer solutions, based on facts, for the poor self-image issue.

However, sometimes we need something personal that gets people to relate instead of only lecturing them.

This is why I wrote this article.

I want to share a thought about the idea of dealing with a poor self-image. An idea that will help you as you fight your way through a negative self-image to a healthy one.

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How Clearly Do You Think You See The World?

I have scary news.

We don’t actually see things as they are. We don’t even see. We perceive.

Your eyes, ears, and the rest of the senses receive the information from the outside world and send it to the brain. The brain, then, has to interpret these inputs.

The brain does that based on your already existing beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and even moods. That’s what we call perception.

And our perception usually doesn’t represent reality accurately. That’s because our senses can’t make sense of everything. There will always be a percentage of toxic and biased beliefs. Read More